Beaded Gemstone Bracelets

Beaded gemstone bracelets are a fashionable way to elevate your outfit. They look great alone or stacked together in different color combinations. For instance, a strand of Amethyst and Rose Quartz pair beautifully for their colors and energies that work to promote calming and peace. You can also choose to incorporate crystals that represent your birthday or that of a loved one. This style of jewelry is perfect for gifting a friend or family member!

Gemstones have long been regarded for their mystical healing properties. You can harness this energy by creating a gemstone beaded bracelet that aligns with the chakra you’re trying to activate. For example, Red Jasper works with the Root Chakra to promote grounding and stability while Amethyst is believed to shield against negative energy and boost spiritual awareness. Lapis lazuli works with the Throat Chakra to encourage communication and self-awareness.

This beaded bracelet is an easy and fun project to make. You can get as creative as you want with the types of gemstone beads, seed beads and cord to use. You can also add a dangle or charm to the end of the beaded strand.

Once you have all the beads positioned on the elastic beading cord, fold a piece of tape over the end to keep the beads from sliding off. This is a handy step that helps especially for beginners and will help your bracelet last longer.

Stitch through the cord and each bead a couple of threads down from where you exited, this helps to secure your stitch better than just going back through the exact same spot. Repeat this process to create the rest of your beaded bracelet. beaded gemstone bracelets

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