Junkyard Fort Myers

In an aerie-like office whose windows level with the downtown skyline, city planner Bill Spikowski pores over GIS map layers and decades of zoning regulations for his latest consulting gig. It’s about fixing a problem that’s roiling Fort Myers: the city’s junkyards.

This family-owned and operated salvage yard has become a popular destination for used auto parts in Fort Myers because of its fair prices, great customer service, and large inventory. The yard’s self-serve approach encourages customers to explore and work independently for their own needs, allowing them to save money on auto repair and maintenance and reducing waste by minimizing the need to buy new parts.

The Fort Myers junkyard offers a wide selection of parts for most vehicle makes and models. The friendly staff can help you find the right part for your car or truck and will guide you through the process. This yard has been in business for several years, earning a reputation for excellent quality and affordable rates.

Many people have trouble finding a junkyard fort myers where they can find the right auto parts. In some cases, they can even be able to get cash for cars. Regardless of whether your old beater is a clunker or bumper-dinged, it can still be worth something! Just call a local junkyard near you and receive a free quote. This is a fast and easy way to get rid of your junk car for good. Then you can wave goodbye to the eyesore in your driveway! junk yard fort myers

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