Microsoft Solutions Partner Designations

We’ve launched a new program, with a focus on the capabilities that drive customer success, and a higher bar for partners to meet. These new Solution Partner Designations are the way for clients to identify a Microsoft partner with the skills and experience to support them on their journey to success.

To qualify for a Solutions Partner Designation, you must score 70 points across the three metrics of Performance, Skilling, and Customer success. The Performance category measures your ability to grow the number of customers utilizing Microsoft products for Modern Work and Productivity, including Azure technologies. The Skilling category evaluates your capability to provide high-quality solutions by requiring that you have advanced certifications in each of the six Solution areas.

The Customer success category measures your ability to enable growth in the use of Microsoft products and expansion of the services and workloads used by customers. This metric is scored based on a combination of net new customers and deployments, as defined in the requirements and thresholds below.

If you’re a Silver or Gold member today, and you meet the new requirements for this Solutions Partner designation, you’ll earn the badge automatically, without any additional costs. You’ll also keep your enrolled status until your anniversary date, regardless of whether you increase or decrease in your scores. You can find the list of qualifying partners and their current ratings by selecting a Solution Area card from the table below. microsoft solutions partner

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