Miles Morales Costume For Adult

Get ready to swing into action and save the day with this Miles morales costume for adult. This printed black polyester Marvel costume replicates the look of the interdimensional hero from the hit movie. A convenient hook and loop fastener at the back allows for easy wearing and removal. Soft-sculpted fiberfill padding adds to your musculature, while red accents and Morales’ Spider symbol graphics on the front of the jumpsuit provide an authentic look. A fabric hood/mask completes the transformation.

Versatile and Comfortable
Dressing as a superhero is an exciting experience, whether you’re celebrating Halloween, dazzling at a cosplay event, or simply channeling your inner web-slinger during a casual outing. This Miles Morales top makes it easy to express your fandom for the young Afro-Latino superhero, and the bold, eye-catching design is sure to capture attention at any costume party or other gathering. The comfortable jersey knit fabric can also keep you cool and cozy, even as you fight imaginary villains or thwart the attempts of interdimensional invaders.

Pair this with a pair of black gloves and boots for a truly epic costume ensemble. Add a backpack and some web shooters for an extra special impact. This Miles morales costume is a great way to unleash your own superhero spirit, and it’s an excellent choice for men of all shapes and sizes. You’ll feel a rush of excitement when you put this on, and everyone will be in awe of your heroic presence. Miles morales costume for adult

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