Paper Quilling Jewelry – A Beginner’s Guide to Quilling Jewelry

Paper Quilling Jewelry is a wonderful book that brings this time-honored technique of paper rolling into the modern age via gorgeous jewelry that you can wear. With step-by-step instructions and clear illustrations, this is a wonderful beginner’s guide to creating unique jewelry that is all your own.

The author, Ann Martin, starts with a quick overview of the basic supplies needed to get started with quilling and demonstrates how to use them, including her favorite pre-cut strips with metallic edging (although she also shows us how to make our own if we prefer). She then explains the differences between scrolls and coils and gives an excellent breakdown of the basics, including a handy tip for ensuring even, relaxed coils.

For this particular project, you will need a pair of earring hooks and a few quilling papers strips. You can purchase a pack of pre-cut, silver-edged ivory strips at your local craft store or you can choose to cut your own from heavy weight paper that matches the color scheme you have chosen for your project.

To start this earring pattern, select a strip of your second colored paper and quill it with the slotted tool, leaving it to loosen up on a flat surface. Once it’s loose enough, pinch one end to create a pointy edge. Repeat with the other end to create a teardrop shape. Continue creating eye shapes until you have a total of six, then glue them to the center circle with the pointed edges facing inward toward each other. Paper Quilling Jewelry

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