Retaining YouTube Subscribers

When people subscribe to a YouTube channel, they make a commitment to your content and community. They are your most loyal viewers and they are the ones that will most likely turn their friends on to your work. Getting new attention is a challenge, but keeping the attention of your current audience is key to building a strong community that will support your growth goals.

A high YouTube retention rate is important because it means that your videos are engaging enough to keep viewers coming back for more. It’s also an indicator that you have a wide variety of video topics so that your audience will always find something they want to watch from you.

YouTube retention is not only determined by the number of people who watch your videos, but also by how long they stay on your channel. It is important to monitor your YouTube retention to see if there are any trends, such as when your viewership drops and what is the cause. You can check your YouTube retention by logging into your YouTube studio and going to the “Analytics” tab, which is located in the left side menu.

Another great way to increase your YouTube retention is to have a subscription CTA at the end of each video. It can be as simple as saying something like, “If you enjoy this video, please consider subscribing to my channel!” Having a clear call-to-action helps your audience feel engaged with your content and is one of the best ways to generate more subscribers. Retaining YouTube subscribers

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