What is a Medical Marijuana Store?

A medical marijuana store is a business that sells cannabis to people with a doctor’s prescription. They usually offer customers a wide variety of products like flowers, edibles and other products that contain marijuana. They also have employees who are trained to help the customer choose the right product for their specific needs. They may be able to provide information on the benefits of different types of marijuana and how they can be used. They are also regulated and taxed differently than recreational marijuana stores and this can affect prices.

Most states require you to have a doctor’s recommendation and ID card in order to purchase cannabis. If you are not a registered patient, the staff at the dispensary may be unable to answer any questions about the medical benefits of marijuana and can’t recommend anything specifically for you. However, budtenders can usually share their personal experiences with the different strains and explain how they might help with specific symptoms or conditions without directly recommending medical use.

The first legal marijuana shop opened in New York on Thursday, fulfilling Gov. Kathy Hochul’s promise to start sales before the end of 2018. Thousands lined up outside Housing Works, the nonprofit that operates the first retail cannabis shop in the state, with some waiting for hours to get in.

New York is expected to have many more stores open by the end of the year, and some have already started offering cannabis delivery. Check out the interactive maps to see where the nearest licensed retailers are and what they have to offer, including menus updated in real time, locations, delivery service options, reviews and more. medical marijuana store

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