How to Design and Print Custom Banners for Your Business

Banners can help your brand get noticed by a wider audience and drive more leads and sales. These versatile marketing tools come in a variety of sizes and shapes and can be used indoors or outdoors. They are often hung from poles or fences, or on walls or windows, and can be printed with a single image or multiple images in different formats. They can be designed using a free banner design tool, or your own custom artwork.

Banners should be regularly cleaned to avoid stains, discoloration and mold/mildew growth. They should also be inspected for frayed or torn edges, loose seams, fading and rippling. To keep your banners looking their best, it’s important to have a professional designer who understands branding and can distinguish your name with visual strategies that resonate with your target audience.

Our banners are made of 13 oz vinyl which is suitable for indoor or outdoor use and provides excellent color clarity, durability and printing. For an added touch we can add grommets to your banner. This will prevent the banner from ripping in case of high winds.

We can also add wind flaps to your banner. These are half cut circles on the top and bottom of your banner that can help reduce tearing or ripping in high winds. They are great for high visibility areas like at trade shows or fairs and can help protect your investment by increasing the life of your banner. custom banners

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