How to Spot a Genuine Prada Bag

Prada bags have become emblems of luxury, taste, and class within the fashion world. While their reputation for quality and elegance has grown, they have remained true to the design principles that make them distinct from other designer bags. Like a good pair of jeans or classic perfume, these handbags aren’t just a splurge; they hold their value over time (browse the best preloved Prada bags on Vestiaire Collective).

But like all coveted goods, there are fakes out there. The truth is that discerning the difference between real and fake can be challenging, even for a fashionista with the best eye. Luckily, the internet has plenty of resources to help you spot a genuine prada bag – from YouTube videos detailing how to tell the difference between leather and nylon bags and even the infamously complex re-edition designs to the most subtle details that are a dead giveaway for fakes.

Authenticity is everything with Prada, so it’s important to take the time to shop for a genuine bag that will last. For starters, always be sure the bag you’re buying is made in Italy or China. Prada is the only luxury brand that makes its bags in both locations.

Next, pay special attention to the logo and branding elements on the bag’s interior lining. The word PRADA should appear in a font with exaggerated serifs. The letter ‘R’ should have a curved gap where the right leg meets the loop. And the letters should be positioned at the bottom of the bag rather than in the middle of the bag, as is often the case on fakes. prada bag

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